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Hi, I’m Chris.

I would like to help your organization run projects with more empirical process control. We can track where your projects have been to help evaluate and improve their future.

In an ideal world, that could be wholesale adoption of Scrum. In your world, it may be more appropriate to adopt process control techniques individually.

For instance:

  • Are you using your bug tracking system to predict when the old and new products will be mature?
  • Are you ordering your work by what will add the maximum value?
  • Is work regularly “done”, but parts missed? What is your Definition of Done? Are you meeting it consistently?
  • Do you conduct regular improvement brainstorming sessions?
  • Do you deliver at a frequency to maximize feedback?
  • Are you “squeezing the balloon”, constantly doing part of the work, and postponing the rest, without tracking it?
  • Are you only tracking “vanity metrics”? Metrics for the sake of metrics and not to drive improvements?

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to help your Scrum teams to get back on course? Are you already doing Scrum and need extra support for your Scrum Master? Someone to facilitate fresh retrospectives?

Please contact us for your Scrum and project empirical process control needs.