I’m trying to imagine a world where I knew about mob-programming before I picked a college; before I picked a major. It’s a world where I would have known that not all software developers hibernate in a cubicle writing their own code all day; where some Software Engineers actively collaborate on interfaces, knowledge sharing, and training. Software Engineering (or Computer Science as it was called then) would have sounded much more interesting.

Would I have switched from Chemical Engineering if my college Pascal class had group programming assignments? Would I have skipped my first career entirely?

I look forward to giving young people the chance to choose for themselves.

Introduction to Mob Programming in Python for Parent and Child

Bring your child and help them show you how to solve problems on the computer. Take turns leading, typing, and helping others using the rules of mob programming and the Python programming language. Python is one of the more easily readable programming languages and is freely available for multiple types of computers. All experience levels welcome.

Come play with us!